Melissa R.


The first time I got my spider bites I went to a new shop in town that was running a special.I went in and they quickly called me back and began to set up. The piercer began to mark me up and informed me that she was weird about her dots and liked to take absolutely certain they were right before proceeding. She quickly started having difficulty properly spacing and marking where she would pierce. She marked and remarked several times and then pulled out a ruler. This slightly concerned me but she quickly called in a second opinion and they got me all marked up. They asked if I approved so I took a quick look in the  mirror.The dots looked good so I told them I approved and we proceeded. She asked if I preferred to pierce one side over the other first and I said  it makes no difference to me. She clamped the first side and pierced the needle through. She went to put
in the jewelry and the needle slipped out before she had the jewelry in. She quickly fumbled to try and get the jewelry in regardless but she couldn’t. When she realized she couldn’t she apologized and explained she’d have to  run a needle back through. I told her it was fine and she proceeded to do so. Then she moved on to the second one. She clamped it up and quickly pierced it. She had no problems with the jewelry or piercing that side. She quickly went over the aftercare even though I knew it from previous piercings. I took one last look in the mirror and was on my way. The days to follow were harsh as that one she had to do twice gave me many problems. It bruised, swelled, and became painful in the days to follow but I got over it in time. To this day I have my snake bites and love them dearly! The obstacles I over came were merely a drop in the bucket along the way! By far all the years later still one of my very favorite piercings!