By Tony From Kansas


My piercing story is not the typical happy go lucky piercing story but its life and it can happen, my advise is to see a PROFESSIONAL piercer. I have always wanted my lips pierced, when I was in the 9th grade I actually pierced my lip with a safety pen while I was at school, and when I got home my mom nearly killed me. From that day we made a deal, she told me as long as I keep my grades up when I turned 16 she would let me get them done. When I turned 16 she took me to get my snake bites, I was super excited I didnt really know much about the piercing I just knew that I wanted it LOL. The first time I got them pierced the one on the right side didnt heal properly, unfortunately the piercer didnt really know what he was doing. When he pierced me it was with a short labret barbell instead of an extra long one of horseshoe rings, long story short during the healing time it swelled and covered the jewelry and I had to go to the hospital to have it removed. Not only was it painful I now only had one snake bite. I was extremely bummed and frustrated so I took the other ring out. Two years later, when I went off to college the first thing I did before I started classes in the summer was get my snake bites back. This time around it was pierced correctly and healed perfectly. My next project is to continue with my tattoo sleeve on my right arm. When I finish college I plan to start stretching my ears as well.