By Maricela C. from Hialeah, FL

My friends didn’t think I could hold a piercing they actually thought I couldn’t only do my ears. They have been daring me and telling me I was a scary cat and that I couldn’t take the real piercing of needles and so on. Well to bad for them. I went one day and to show them, when I came back I had my tongue pierced, my eye brow and I got a tattoo. They were so surprised at me. I told them that big momma could do the same just like them. I was happy with my piercing and they were happy as well. That they even threw me a party of how brave I was and how their daring came to affect for me to get the piercing, well it came to me having a belly bottom piercing and a lip piercing. And two more tattoos. I love all my piercing and my tattoos just be happy with what you do cause I am extremely happy with my piercing.