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Are you a photographer? Do have a blog? Are you an imaginative or creative person? Then we need your help. is looking to our customers for fresh, original content. We need pictures, art, rants, advice, and general content having to deal with body piercing /modifications. If you provide us with content (matching our minimum requirements) we’ll send you a $10 gift card. If you want to help grow and get paid in the process just read below for what we’re looking for.

Step 1: Write a story about your body piercing experience. Take a picture of your piercing. Upload original content of any kind, as long as its main focus is body piercing. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure any stories, rants or advice columns have at least 350 words. Write something that is not only interesting for others to read, but something you care about.

Step 2: Use the submission form below to send us your story and picture(s). When submitting pictures, please make sure the file size does not go over 3MB.

Step 3: Once we receive your submission, we will review your content. If it meets the necessary guidelines, we will email you a $10 Electronic Gift Card that can be used at our online store.