By: Samantha From: Baltimore




About two years ago I got my labret pierced for the first time, I was a freshmen in college and it was my actual first real body piercing. I was super excited to have it, it was like a sense of freedom, I didn’t need permission to get it. At the time I was playing soccer for my school and I couldn’t play with the piercing, I couldn’t quit the team over a piercing because I was on a scholarship therefore I was forced to take it out. Since I couldn’t get any piercings because of soccer, I decided to get some tattoos by the time I graduated I had 6 tattoos and no piercings. There were a few things I wanted to pierce, I wanted an industrial barbell in my ear, my tragus and rook. The first thing that I got pierced was my labret Monroe again I went to a tattoo shop with my cousin, she was going back to have a tattoo finished up so I decided to go with. When I got there I was totally inclined to get a piercing, there was nothing holding me back anymore. I filled out all of the necessary paperwork gave them my I.D. and I was ready! Since I had the piercing previously I knew that it was going to hurt a bit more because of the scar tissue, but a bit more was an understatement it hurt a lot and the worst part was the little pop I heard at the end. The healing time was a bit interesting it was swollen and bled for the first two days which didn’t happen the first time, so it kind of concerned me but after the first week it was smooth sailing. I had no other problems with it. I later went on the pierce my tragus and rook too.