Bridget C.

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Before college, I had multiple piercings over my body including all up my ears, my nose and my belly button. I have always been a piercing addict and whenever I discovered a new piercing I went out and got that piercing as soon as possible. I was always safe and went to a tattoo parlor for piercing however, for my second nose piercing I was very impatient. I was sitting in my biology class my freshman year and before class began I was looking at double nose piercings. I had a thrill of excitement run through me by this and really wanted my second nose hole pierced. After my class ended, I d called up the nearest tattoo parlor and asked the price of the piercing. I was taken back when I found out it would cost $30 and with me being a poor college student, that was way out of my price range. Without thought I ran into my room and I looked at my roommate and said “I’m piercing my nose!” In a matter of 2 minutes and without any thought I ended up burning the needle of a safety pin and shoving it into my nose. I think I had scared my roommate half to death with my spontaneous decision. However, in a matter of five minutes I had stick the needle through my nose and placed an clean nose stud in the new hole. I was very satisfied with my work at the end. The piercing held up good for a while but after about 2 week the ring was very irritated and began to form a bubble. I had found that due to the lack of professional equipment, the healing process of the piercing was long and painful. My best advice is to always get your piercings professionally done. Luckily, with this being my second nose piercing I was familiar on how to handle the bubble and the infection. I still have the piercing to this day and it is looking pretty fashionable and well healed. It is one of my all-time favorite piercings and I get so many compliments on it! But moral of my story is that paying for a professional will save you a lot less pain for the future.