Chelsea F.Capture

My girlfriend and I went for a new piercing New Years Day. Gypsy Rose in Calgary AB, Canada (where all my piercings are done) was open and it was gonna be a good day!!
I was first up to the bench, choosing the rook as my next to get. I have my lobes stretched to 5mm, second holes, my right ear has a high helix and a lower helix ring, my left has its fourth hole and was looking bare. I decided on the rook based on the cute jewelry I could purchase like the heart or jeweled bar. I was lying on the table, and the piercer (we’ll call him Bob) aligned the dots and I took a look. Loved it!!! Lied back down, felt the clamp.. oh good its coming!!….. SHARP PAIN! ooooow! next thing I know his elbow is on my face and his arm at a 90 degree angle holding my head down as he used two hands to push the needle through my rook. Bob said that it is the hardest piercing he’s ever had to do. My girlfriend was next. She just got her lower helix. As we were at home watching Gilmore Girls- because what else is as magical as GGs? I moved my hair and my ear started gushing blood. Not leaking, but literally gushing; it had filled my ear and covered a rag. Basically disgusted by all the red, my friend left.

A few months later I went in to keep my boyfriend company as he was getting his tattoo worked on and got my navel pierced. This was a different piercer. And he asked what other piercings I have. I listed them. He mentioned that his co-worker Bob had a client once who he had to pretty much restrain to the table in order to get the needle through her rook.

That legend is me! 🙂