By Lalita V. from Burbank, CA

So I got my belly professionally done and it’s the only piercing I’ve gotten professionally done, I have 5 piercings; septum, nose, ears, and now belly. So after going to Hawaii my belly ring fell out and closed without me noticing and now that it’s winter I figured it’s the best time to re-pierce my belly… I bought all of the stuff online, clamps, gauged needles. I had my little cousin do it for me and she tried shoving it through but since it was already closed up the skin was tougher from the scar tissue, it was a quick jab, then it just burned and irritated, sadly it only made it halfway, there was another long way to push it through, so we panicked for a while then my cousin just shoved it through, I had to use a 16g at first and after I showered I slipped a normal 14g belly ring in. It was very irritating and I should’ve had it professionally done again, but I’m just a kid so it’s kind of hard to find a place to get it done.