By Mariah L. from Utica, NY

Mariah's Tongue Piercing

Alright so since I was 16 I had wanted my tongue pierced. It was something I was waiting for since my mother had told me no way. When I’m 18 I can do what I want but anyway I had the intention of getting it pierced for the longest time… Until I met this guy.. I was with him for over three years and when I told him that I wanted to get it pierced he brought up all the stereotypes and called me some nasty names. He said if I got it he would never kiss me and bla bla bla. We had been living together for two years yet toward the end of our relationship I found out that he was cheating on me. I didn’t say anything to him for a couple weeks. Instead my best friend took me down to the tattoo shop and I got my tongue pierced. I avoided him during the healing period since I didn’t want to make my scene with a lisp. One day ,about a week after, I started packing my stuff in boxes from the apartment wile my boyfriend was at work. All my boxes were in the bedroom.Along with my friend he can’t stand… who coincidentally also has her tongue pierced. When I heard him walk in. I ran out to the kitchen and greeted him. I gave him a hug and the last big kiss from me that he would ever get. I had to make sure that he knew what I did. After kissing me he said “what’s in your mouth?” I stuck my tongue out at him with a grin on my face and then said “I’m moving out.” My best friend walked out put her arm around me and smiled and said “and I’m helping her”. As I was moving out he was crying and begging me to stay. I didn’t say one word during the move. It felt good to finally get some control in that relationship. To me my tongue ring is not just a piercing. As silly as it may sound it’s a reminder to not let people try to control me and to stay strong even when other people aren’t. I love it. Even though it took until I hit 20 to get it.