By Tony From: Tampa, FL



I got my first body piercing when I was in college my roommates and I got one nipple pierced and it was cool I had about 12 tattoos and love tattoos. I didnt really want any piercings in my face I thought about an eyebrow piercing but it really didnt grow on me that much to actually get it. I did see more and more students with the septum piercing and I kind of liked it. I consider myself a risk taker so I watched a few youtube videos and the piercing and how it was done and decided I was going to go and get it done. I didnt tell anyone I was going I went one night after studying on campus. I ended up at a tattoo shop down town. I spoke with the piercer and told her what I wanted, she had me fill out the paper work and sit down in her chair. When she put the clamps on my nose my eyes instantly began to water. I told her I’m not crying but I can’t help the water coming out of my eyes. Of course she had a few jokes but she knew it was from the clamps. When she put the needle through the watering got even worse ( I was warned about this on my research of youtube videos). The worse part about the piercing was the clamps those hurt more than the actual needle. My septum looks great I absolutely love it now. The next thing to do is the start stretching it.