Rae A.14497733955542039477390Hi! My name is Rae. I have 6 piercings. My first piercings where my ears as a baby, then the top of my ear when I was 15. My next piercings weren’t until after I got married. I had both nipples done. Let me say, I do not suggest ever doing that again, so painful. The next one was my lip on the left side. Side note, I recently got a lip ring from one of your Facebook offers. I loved it, but the little gem fell out! 🙁 Anyways, my next piercing was my tongue. I had made a deal with the man, if he wanted me to get a “downstairs” piercing, I wanted my tongue done and a tattoo, which the tattoo still hasn’t happened. After that my eyebrow and yes “downstairs” was done. I was so afraid to walk for a week after that was done! :0 It’s all good now. But now I want a few more piercings. I think I’d like to get my ears done again and maybe the other side of my lip. 🙂 or those spider bite ones… I have yet to decide. 🙂