When I was in fourth grade I got my ears pierced for the first time. Earrings would bother my ears a lot so I had to buy hypoallergenic ones. Many of the cute shapes I was not able to wear. My collection consisted of mostly studs in different colors. I was in 8th grade when I started realizing that the studs would look really pretty and cool in other parts of my ears, so I pierced my own cartilage. Of course, my parents forced me to take it out since they believed I was too young. They strongly believed at the time that it mattered what ear I did it on. I told myself when I was older I would defiantly get it done.
Four years later during a quiet evening in my dorm room, I pierced my cartilage again. Many of my friends would ask me didn’t that hurt? Yes of course it hurt, I used a regular needle, alcohol, and cotton swaps. However, before I did it myself I researched many articles that other people had written about their own piecing’s and the warning signs so I could recognize if my ear was becoming infected.

Piecing your own ear is a hit or miss. Sometimes you get a keloid bump and sometimes you don’t. Keep in mind that keloids can develop even if you got it done professionally. On my left and right ear, I pieced my Targus myself. I found the skin to be so tender in that area it was sore for a whole week. On my right ear, I have two cartilage piercings at the top one I did myself and the other I got re-done when Clare’s did the cartilage piercings. I had both originally done them myself but I got a keloid bump and had to take it out. That is top advice for someone getting piercings, yes it looks cool, but once you get a keloid bump don’t be afraid to take it out. Many of my keloid bumps developed weeks after I pieced it. I believed it was because I was touching the piercing too much and trying to change the earring too soon.

I have had my Rook piercing which is in my right ear for five years now. I got that professionally pieced down at the beach and I absolutely love it. It is a very subtle piercing since it doesn’t stick out. One thing that people should be aware of is that not everyone can have the same piercings since the shapes of the ears are so different.

The one piercing regret I have was getting my belly button pierced. I should have known better. The piercing was ok for about two weeks but after that, it started to get red and irritated. I didn’t matter how much I followed the cleaning regiment it was getting worse every day. My skin was allergic to the material in the belly ring and my body rejected the piercing. I was forced to take it out. I was so disappointed it was almost a hundred dollars to get done. Something to keep in mind is just because a piercing in your ear is fine does not mean that a piercing on your body will react the same way. Don’t rush into getting a piercing. Do the research and determine if you have to take the piercing out and are you willing to live with the scar. Getting your ears pierced is an art there are so many different color combinations and groups of piercings to get that are unique to you.