If you’ve ever wondered about the best aftercare treatment for you new piercings, after reading this post you’ll be convinced the H2Ocean saline solution is the way to go.

  According to most professional piercers, the first choice in aftercare is H2Ocean for new piercings.

This saline solution is well known in the piercing community for its consistency to provide amazing

products for its customers.


   Stephanie B, of 3 Layers Deep says, “Its the best! I advise my clients to buy Steph

their products because of the sea salt and lysozyme in it.” What is lysozyme you ask? After doing our

own research we found that it, with  sea salt reduces healing time for piercings. A product tested,

proven, and recommended by professional piercers has to be the perfect solution for your aftercare needs.

Mouth Wash


Saline Nasal Spray


They also carry products for tattoo aftercare…..