Alyssa R


The first time I got my belly button pierced was a piece of cake! However, being 16 and ignorant to the healing process of piercings, I took my ring out after I found a tiny blood bubble. Little did I know, this happens to many people, and they go away on their own.

After taking my ring out I was left with a nasty scar. About a year later I decided I would get it pierced again because I already had an ugly scar anyhow. But getting it done a second time was terrible! Piercing through the scar tissue wasn’t quick like the first time. It was a long, and rather uncomfortable process. Not eating before hand almost had me passing out. The pros of the new piercing however, were that it hid the scar perfectly, and it healed rather quickly!

I love my belly button piercing! I can’t see myself taking it out anytime soon. This being even 7 years later!! A recommendation everyone should follow is to eat before getting any piercing!