Lauren Z.


The two piercings I get the most comments on are definitely my philtrum piercing, also referred to as a medusa piercing, and my septum piercing. After turning 18 it didn’t take me long to get into the piercer’s chair. My first piercing of the two was my septum. I was seated and my piercer immediately began sanitizing the piercing site-My piercers typically use rubbing alcohol to clean the area. After the area was set up, the clamps were to first thing to touch my face. The clamps put a decent amount of pressure as it was, after taking inhaling and exhaling three times the needle was through my nose. The pain was sharp, and there was a little trickle of blood during my experience. Once the jewelry was through the piercing was pretty comfortable. The healing process was extremely easy and comfortable. I work at a place where facial piercings are not recommended so I had to make sure that my septum horseshoe was able to flip up. I would not recommend flipping this piercing up immediately after getting it done, so I thought it would be smart to get it pierced on a weekend that I knew I could keep the jewelry out for a few days. Aside from that I used antibacterial soap and warm sea salt soaks to heal up the nose. Try to avoid hooking your jewelry on surfaces because it is quite painful, but aside from that it took probably 6 months for it feel healed fully through.

My medusa piercing experience was pretty breezy as well. Because this piercing is in a thicker portion of the lip I was told that it would hurt much more in comparison to a regular lip piercing. Do not let fear hold you back from getting this piercing. If your piercer does his job correctly this piercing was easily 6 out of 10 (which isn’t high on my pain scale). I actually think my septum piercing was just a smidge more painful, and only because it was a sharper pain. The medusa healing process was a bit more tedious in comparison. I definitely recommend that you piercer opts for a longer bar for you jewelry to assist with the swelling. I kept my cleansing process similar: warm sea salt soaks and antibacterial soap. When redness and irritation kept occurring on the outside surface of my piercing I found that tea tree oil really helped the red area. Whenever this piercing got dry in the winter I put a and d ointment or petroleum jelly around the outside. The inside of the lip felt like it healed up a little easier than the outside area of the piercing. Once I kept up the soaks and oil treatment the piercing healed up tremendously. I have had it since November and now it is May and it is very comfortable. Once the piercing heals up get your bar shortened. When the bar was too long I had issues where it would hit my teeth when I talked or catch on the back of my top teeth when I went to take a bite. I hope my tips and experiences can help somebody out. As I had said before, do not let pain stop you. I would highly suggest either of these piercings to anyone.