banners-finalSo it looks like body piercing kits are here to stay. More and more people are are trying their hand at piercing at home and these kits are flying off the shelves! We spoke to the gang over at and they informed us that since the kits were introduced, they’ve sold hundreds. Which brings up the question, ‘Who is buying these kits?’  The simple answer is that the majority of the customers are buying this kits to save money by not going to their local piercer. This brings up a lot of questions about safety. We’ve been told before and have posted about horror stories that people have experienced at their local piercing shop. And much like all things nowadays, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about piercing is available on the internet. The kits provide a great savings over a visit to the local shop, because everything needed to achieve great results is included. So, if you want to check out the kits available for purchase, click here. If you have purchased a kit, we’d love to hear from you!