Piercings For A Cause
by Meg Curry




I have 7 piercings in total, but I’ll tell the stories of my two favorite!


My first actual piercing (other than my earlobes which got pierced when I was just a baby) was my left helix/cartilage piercing. I got it when I was just 10 years old! Other than it being my first chosen piercing, it’s also my favorite because I got it done with my mom; we both got the same one, the same day. The reason we decided to get them together was that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and was scheduled for surgery a few months later, and she wanted to get a piercing with me as a fun little activity to do together. That was almost seven years ago, and I still cherish the piercing, and I’m so glad to say that my mom and I have made it a tradition to get all of our (ear) piercings together now!

My other favorite piercing is my nostril piercing. I had been begging to get my septum pierced since I was in around 6th grade (lol)! My parents strongly disagreed, but they told me I could get my nostril pierced. I was so excited, and immediately started researching everything I could, so I would know all about it when the time came. I got it done in August before I started my freshman year of high school.



Unfortunately, in October, I had to have emergency surgery, and I had to leave it out for so long, that almost all my piercings grew out! Four of my 7 piercings grew out. (I had two in my left ear cartilage, one in my nose, and four in my lobes.) I was able to get them all redone, fortunately! I currently have 6 of my piercings back, including 7/16″ stretched lobes! The second helix grew up during a different surgery I recently had.


I am so in love with my piercings, and I would love to add to my “collection” of piercings. I will be 17 in March, so hopefully, I can add! Though I am wary of adding any more facial piercings because I would love to become a wrestler, and I’m not sure how it would be to get one ripped out during a match. (Ouch! One of my favorite wrestlers had an earring ripped out during a match and he’s never put one back in, so I’m guessing it hurts quite bad!)