By: Patricia M., North Babylon, New York
Patricia's Nose Stud

     One day, I was browsing on, and I noticed that needles were fairly inexpensive, so I bought one, and the needed materials to safely pierce my nose, along with some items for my ears. A week or so later, my needle and the needed products arrived. Instead of the 16 gauge needle I thought I had purchased, I received a 12 gauge needle. I thought, “Well, whatever,” and proceeded with my plans. A week or so afterward, I set up a bowl of hydrogen peroxide in my kitchen, and laid out my options to place in my piercing. My boyfriend, who agreed to do the piercing, told me that the needle was probably too big to put the nose stud I had bought in right away. He thought I should put a CBR in that looked like it was 12 gauge instead of the 18 gauge it was supposed to be. Of course, I refused, insisting that we should put a 16 gauge horseshoe in, since it would be more likely to heal to a 18 gauge. He agreed, and we placed the horseshoe in the hydrogen peroxide.

We proceeded to clean my nose, and mark it with a pen. I watched for a moment as he came at my face with the needle, then I quickly shut my eyes. However, that did not stop me from imagining the needle digging into my skin as my nose was pricked. For a single moment, I thought, “Oh please make it stop,” as the pain peaked, but then the worst part was over. The needle was through my nose, the only thing left to do was put the jewelry in. My boyfriend removed the needle and replaced it with the horseshoe. He was putting on the enclosure beads, when he dropped one. I, of course, refused to open my eyes as he ordered me out of the way to find it. I eventually managed to fall, from panic, or relief that I had managed an at home piercing, I’ll never know. Of course that only managed to make my boyfriend more upset. Eventually, he decided to get a new one, which he managed to get on. He was not so lucky with the next two, but he eventually managed to make it so my horseshoe would not fall out of my nose.

While I went to clean the blood off my nose, my boyfriend set himself to look for the balls that he had managed to lose. He swept the kitchen floor, but to no avail. It didn’t matter much to me, I had finally gotten the piercing I had wanted since I was four years old. I washed my new piercing twice a day with saline solution, for three weeks. At that point, I washed it once a day. It was only a month later when I replaced the horseshoe with a nose stud, which I have been wearing ever since.