I believe you are never too old to try something new, or to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

My beautiful pierced mother Morgen

That being said I love when I see an older person with a piercing or a tattoo, it leaves me to believe they have lived a life full of awesome stories and I immediately want to know them. When I was younger and would meet a friends parent if they had a tattoo or a piercing I would assume they were much cooler and understanding and probably easier to talk to. I think it gave me the impression that they were surely more open minded to what some consider the taboo things in life. When my mom was a kid it wasn’t nearly as common to see a pierced or tattooed person roaming around unless of course they were once in the service or had been to jail. This is where the misconception on tattoos and piercings stems from and some people still believe this way today.

I myself am not one of these people. I was lucky enough to grow up with the worlds coolest mom who did not yet have a tattoo but had her eyebrow, tongue and nose pierced. She also had a few friends who were pierced and tattooed and they didn’t seem to have been jail birds or soldiers.  My mom was in fact a young mom having me when she was just 20 years old so we weren’t as far off in age as some of my friend’s parents.  She often times was mistaken for my older sister. She inspired me to be myself and accept others for who they wanted to be. I never judged anyone on their appearance.

High school was about the time I discovered there were many different styles and ways to express who you thought you were at the moment. There were the preppy kids who may have had a nose ring or a nipple piercing, maybe a tattoo you couldn’t plainly see. There were the Goth kids who wore mostly black and had septum rings and ear plugs and wore a lot of eye liner. Then you had the Thug kids who most claimed to be in some gang or another and had their arms tattooed mostly at someone’s house, and you had the plain janes like me who wanted to express myself but didn’t really know who I was and had a mom who knew this and requested I waited till I was 18 to start marking my body.

If I were to look most of these people up now, 20 years later, they are probably the cool tattooed and pierced parents that are still fully capable of raising a great kid regardless of their outer appearance. I myself may one day have a kid of my own and they will surely question the fact that my arms are fully tattooed and may or may not want one day. I can only hope my kid will embrace this and be proud to stand next to me at a parent teacher meeting.