rookBefore I got my rook pierced, all I had ever gotten done was my earlobes (3 times) so I didn’t really know what to expect from a cartilage piercing. Originally my plan was to get my snug pierced but when I asked the piercer, she advised against it because apparently 4 out of 5 snug piercings get rejected and she wasn’t comfortable taking that risk. I took her advice, and instead, I chose to get my rook pierced.

It’s an area of the ear that has relatively thick cartilage and so I was expecting it to be very painful. In reality, it was much less dramatic than I had thought. In terms of aftercare, I was told to wash it with a saline solution twice a day for 13-14 weeks. For the majority of the healing time, it was no problem at all and once or twice it would be a bit tender if I had accidentally slept on it or something. In the beginning, I was quite cautious of brushing my hair or washing it because I didn’t want to catch it with my brush or finger but it was easier than I thought to avoid it completely. You just adapt to these things.

Overall it was very much a trouble-free piercing. I recently for a scaffold piercing and in an attempt to not sleep on it, I had to sleep on my rook piercing which did make it flare up a bit but nothing too bad. It’s been more than 6 months now and it’s pretty much pain-free. The only trouble I have with it really is changing the barbell….it’s a difficult piercing to change because there’s not a lot of room for your hands and if you’re doing it yourself, the angle is quite awkward. I’ll admit I’ve had my mum give me a hand a few times, but a bit of bonding isn’t so bad.

I have so many nice barbells to put in my ear but I find it an effort to change them so most of the time I just leave the same one in all the time. If there’s anyone thinking about getting another cartilage piercing, or in fact wants their rook pierced and is unsure about it, I would definitely say go for it. It’s pretty low maintenance and it looks great. It’s a neat piercing and it’s quite subtle so fairly easy for people (i.e. parents, employers) to miss. I had mine 2 weeks before my mum noticed it!