By Chelsea F. From Calgary , Canada


Best Friends Piercing I have this friend, Catherine (shown in the photo on the right), and we’ve been friends since high school. Even though friendships drift throughout your lifetime, ours has miraculously stuck! I am thankful for our friendship and the hardships we endure together.
Five years ago, when I was in grade eleven, I got my second hole pierced in both ears at the cosmetician center at St Francis- and there was Cat, holding my hand the hole time. And just last weekend there she was again, squeezing my knuckles- for her own pain and mine.

We made the courageous decision to pierce our own ears!! I gave her a helix and it went through beautifully- and she gave me a conch which was supposed to be a helix but i moved…so yeah! – after a lot of freaking out, we sucked it up, froze our ears with a piece of ice and pulled the trigger. The experience was great! our bond is greater because we went through the pain together. I’m now up to 8 piercings and don’t regret any of them!!