The only surviving piercing I still have is my P.A. (nipples long ago closed up) I got it approximately 20 years ago at a small shop in Joplin, MO. At that time my home state did not have legal tattooing and body piercing shops so I had to road trip it. I had gone out the night before with friends and drank way more than I should have seen how I knew that the trip was a go for the next day. Anyhow, got there and went through the procedure. As I recall it hurt like hell but was an enjoyable sensation in its own way. The main memory I retain though is the tremendous amount of bleeding that occurred. As I mentioned some excessive drinking had occurred just hours prior to the piercing appointment.

The thing about alcohol thinning your blood (etc.) I believe to be factual and likely contributed to my messy experience. I had a bit of a ride home and had to stuff massive amounts of toilet tissue into my boxers to absorb the flow.(Seems like the place woulda had a Maxi-pad or something to offer but they didn’t) Couldn’t wait to “try it out” and ignored the suggested wait time. This probably slowed the healing process greatly and I don’t recommend anyone ignoring the advice of their piercing professional on this subject. Be patient. Good things “come” to those who wait. The 12 gauge captive bead used for the initial pierce was gradually replaced as time went on with larger gauges and styles of jewelry. (Even got up to 00 in time) But determined that the large gauges are more show than go. Currently, my daily piece is a 4g 1/2 inch captive bead. One of the best investments I ever made was for a pair of ring pliers. Much easier to do your own jewelry changes. I have never regretted doing this piercing. The benefits have far outweighed my initial difficulties.

So to recap: Show up sane and sober for your piercing appointment and heed the advice of your piercing professional. Yup… that about sums it up…Opted to not upload any photos of my piercing as this would test the boundary’s of good taste (in my opinion) for this particular forum and likely would’a been rejected anyway. (see boundaries of good taste comment)