By: Susie S.

Susie's Belly ring

I had always wanted a belly button ring.  All of my friends had finally turned 18 (I had been 18 for 5 months already) and we were all about to graduate high school. One of my friends had the great idea that we should all get piercings. Since, you know, we were 18 and graduating, so why not?
My parents had always been against piercings. So even though I didn’t have to, I asked my mom’s permission. (but also said, I AM 18, so technically I can just do it even if you say no.) She said yes :).
So that day I was so nervous! I got in the chair and started freaking out. I was holding my friends hand and couldn’t see what my piercer was doing since I was laying down. I felt something poking my belly button and REALLY started freaking out. My piercer looks at me and says. “Woah. You need to calm down. Take a deep breath. (so I did). Now let it out. (so I did).” then my friend said “Omg its so Cute!!” to which I replied, “Wait, he pierced It!?” she said “Yeah! Why didn’t you squeeze my hand?”

I had so much adrenaline I didn’t even feel it!