T’Keyah W.

IMG950303Have you ever simply woken up and decided you wanted to do something? That’s pretty much how my piercing story went. For quite some time, I’d wanted my nose pierced. My mom told me that she didn’t want me to get my nose pierced because it was “unprofessional” and “dead in the middle of my face.” Instead, she allowed me to get my tongue pierced. So, I’m home from school for Spring Break, and I’ve just finished getting my hair done. I’m sitting at a friend’s house and I decided to text my mom “I just got my nose pierced.” Mind you, I had not gotten my nose pierced (and please don’t try this at home). Soon after, she texted back and said “I don’t care. That’s your big [expletive] nose,” so at this point I’m thinking she doesn’t care, well I’m about to go get my nose pierced. My friend is a licensed tattoo and piercing artist, and I’d usually go to him for piercing and things of the like, but instead, because my nose is “dead in the middle of my face,” I decided I’d go all the way professional and go to a tattoo shop. I called several of my friends to see who would go with me. Everyone seemed to be so busy, so I asked my mom’s friend to go with me. He told me he would (he’s gay, so calm down). We hopped in the car and went to the parlor. He asked me if I would pay for him to get his pierced. Before I could even say no, he was already signing paperwork (I’m glad I actually had the money). So we signed paperwork, paid, and went to the back. We argued over who would go first. He said that I should go first, so that he could talk me through it since he already knew what it was like. I went first. I was so scared! In fact, I had talked about how scared I was the whole way there. Indeed, he did talk me through it. It was quick and easy! Unlike my tongue piercing, I did feel the needle go through my nose. A tear or two fell out of my right eye. I was upset because the piercing lady told me that a tongue piercing was a lot worse. I thought otherwise. Immediately after, I sent pictures to my mom saying I had lied and that I had just gotten it pierced. Her response was “OMG, it makes your nose even bigger.” -_- Now, I’m currently waiting on the time when I can finally change my stud!