Below you will read an incredible piece by one of our customers. This is by far the most intense thing ever submitted to this blog and we couldn’t be more proud to share it with you. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of others.


You try and decide…my truth and proof…

I sign beside vibrant mind, a violence cycle refined; one side of my life’s ride and rightest fight defined by entwined lines of in fined diamonds shining.
I am the hiked prize priced high and pried by liar’s sublime. Thus divided, I’m dying. I am defiled and denied by an evilly perceived divine right, the blind’s entitlement, and pride.
I, for a time, ceased these healings I conceive and write. I hear near me the relief I inked repeating in the speech and speaking of things creeping, slinking, and stealing. I hear these with ears heated and grieving.
Audible and out loud, I resound in pleading, the screaming me, “Please hear and see the truth, too true,” to the deaf and disbelieving; the legal unheeding.
In vain, I stay a labeled ‘crazy’; raped and taken away, blamed, a game THEY are playing. I am framed a ‘sick’ and was instituted with a specific bit of schizophrenic, too, is alluded, but if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t ‘do’, what they do would you?
Thirteen, a day in April, displaying a blatant disdain and failure to enforce an order meant to restrain and detain Dave from his hate and game. InStead and InPlace (and in June and May {and other days and other days of ways and ways and pain}), I faced Bakersfield’s gun and bluster and another’s disgrace; without refrain.
These lowlifes, this plague, they get away every day that Justice (a must) stays a fake, disgusted and mistrustful in illusions made of the delusional.
I hailed the pain created in this statement made to stay and say the truth; to remain unfailingly sane and patiently waiting another way.
JJGAROFALO 01-10-2015

For every one who can’t find a way to speak the truth of what you are going through…THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!!

I actually am a repeated victim of domestic violence. On this day in April of 2006, I was assaulted by my ex-husband and one of his older daughters. She kidnapped my then almost 2 year old daughter in violation of a restraining order I had in place issued by the city of Bakersfield, California that awarded custody of my daughter to myself and ordered Jacob to stay away from me. My cell phone had been taken by him and I didn’t know what to do. I remember rolling the window down of the car I was sitting in and begging a neighbor to please call the police. This person refused to call, instead shaking hands with Jacob’s older daughter’s boyfriend (Steven) when he came out of the house and across the street. I was mortified… Even when the restraining order was placed in the hands of the cop that showed up and a mental health team (I was hysterical, “They kidnapped my baby”), they refused to believe that I was assaulted and that my child had been kidnapped. There are two other female perpetrators who are illegally committing identity theft in association with Jacob and his family (their motives are my manuscripts and the way I write). I was blamed as being one of these other perpetrators and illegally instituted after a nervous breakdown occurred at the hands of the Bakersfield Police Officer pulling a weapon on myself and allowing that man and his daughter, Mary, to get away with the assault on myself and my daughter. My daughter was allowed to illegally remain in his custody despite the restraining order I had while I was in the hospital. My rights and hers were not enforced.
I fight for Justice every day and it has NOT ONCE been served in my favor. The above tidbit is just a little of what I can do. I might eventually get this rough draft back out in the future and continue stretching and chiseling it into its most specific detail. I am inspired to do so. For now, I am going to put it away as, like I have said, Justice has never been served for me and my children and these perpetrators have been ALLOWED to get away with the theft of my other ones. They will probably try to steal this one, too. It’s safer locked up until this situation is appropriately handled. I have penned 11 manuscripts and a lot of things in between. The original motive of my perpetrators has been what I write. Six of the eleven I have written have been stolen from me during the course of Domestic Violence. I had ceased to write, leaving my other five manuscripts in unfinished form. These people have tried to kill me to profit from them on repeated occasions.
I got this email and decided to test myself to see if I could still write the truth of what I have been through the way that I can. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.
The piercings I am presenting to you are of my ears. On the anniversary of the above date in 2014, I personally, by hand, pierced each of my ears with an additional 5 earrings. I have just recently placed “INFINITY SYMBOL” industrial bars in both ears. I was having a hard time dealing with remembering what had happened, and still living through the continuing long term effects of DV; one of those effects happen to be in being subjected to altering and audible levels of sound that I rage against, and I decided to focus and concentrate on something else. I chose the “INFINITY SYMBOL” due to it sometimes being realized as a symbol for Domestic Violence Awareness. I know it sounds absurd, but I had bought a necklace from someone who had gotten it out of an Avon catalog. It is a silver disc with the infinity symbol in the middle of it and upon further research in the Avon catalog, I found that it was actually listed as a “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS” sign. I have a total of 22 piercings in both ears. This is a statement of :

“I know who you are, I am aware of what you have done, I will not stop fighting against the more than 10 years of abuse and violence and lack of law enforcement assistance that are being perpetrated against me and my children, I KNOW HOW TO TELL THE TRUTH AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!”

I, and solely I, Juanita Jean Garofalo, reserve all ownership rights to the herein and retain the sole right to add to, subtract from, and publish or re-publish this piece at any and all times…

JANUARY 10, 2015 (penning and typing saved to surveillance)P01-10-15_21-11