Mary From Atlanta


I was dying for a new piercing, it had been almost 2 years since I pierced my tragus and I really wanted something new. I am a school teacher, I have 13 tattoos but only two of them are visible. I also have 8 piercings, if you can’t tell by now I love tattoos and piercings. I have always wanted my tongue pierced since I was 16, but my mom is extremely strict and she would NEVER let me pierce my tongue. Now that I am a school teacher, I definitely can’t pierce my tongue I am constantly talking and my students would see it. So after some thought and not to many options of places to pierce I decided to pierce my tongue web. I went to the piercer I always go to, when I do my tattoos and piercings I tend to go alone. I sat down in the piercers chair, he had to examine my mouth to make sure I had enough web to even pierce. After he determined it was enough web down there he began to prep for the piercing. He put the clamps on me and told me to take a deep breath in and out and BAM it was over!!! He pierced me with a captive bead ring, he said something about it being better for healing. My piercing literally healed in like a week I barely had any pain, and its the perfect tongue piercing for me.