By Joanne From: Colorado



I had to wait until I was 18 years old to get my first real body piercing. I have my ears pierced since birth, my parents are extremely strict and they would not allow me to get my second hole pierced, nothing. When I was 16 I made a deal with my mom that if I got a scholarship I could get an eyebrow ring, she really wasnt going for it, it didnt work. I ended up getting a scholarship and moving away to go to school for the first semester it seems like all of the students went tattoo and piercing crazy, if it wasnt a tongue piercing it was a belly button ring. I honestly was to scared of the pain, but I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced so I decided to go for it. On spring break I ended up going to Fort Lauderdale for the week with a few of my friends from school and while we were down there my tattoo shop was having a huge piercing sale it was 2 for $60. After the beach we stopped in and decided to get pierced, my friends that were with me ended up getting pierced as well I shared the deal with one of my friends because I was not ready for two piercings and on the other hand my friend ended up getting both of her nipples pierced. I sat down on the chair in the back of the shop in the piercers room after filling out my release form paperwork, he explained to me that he was going to do my piercing free-hand meaning not using those annoying clamps, he marked my face for placement and he continued to explain aftercare to me as he pierced me and I felt a slight pinch but I was concentrating so much on what he was saying I barely paid attention to the pain. It was quick simple and virtually painless.