The practice of nose piercings has been around for at least the last four thousand years. It may seem fairly simple; this is why many people purchase a piercing kit to complete the procedure at home, but you must make sure you learn the facts of proper piercing and aftercare before you pierce to ensure a successful procedure.

I have had my nose pierced three separate times now due to improper aftercare. With any facial piercing and especially a nose piercing, you must be cautious when washing your face and getting dressed. The first time my nose stud fell out was after I finished taking a shower. I dried my face with my towel and as I heard it drop on the bathroom counter, I panicked and tried to immediately put the stud back in, but the hole had already closed. With my second time, I needed to remove it for work-related purposes. They do say “third time’s a charm”, which is true in my case because I have managed to keep it in for quite some time now, with work no longer being an issue.

With all my piercings, especially my facial jewelry, my personal preference is that I maintain a feminine/girly appeal while creating some edge. I recently switched my nose stud to a nose hoop and now wear that paired with my Monroe piercing. By switching to a nose hoop, I no longer have the issue of my nose stud falling out and I can be less cautious while completing my daily routine.

I have come across several people who get their nose pierced but do not take care of their piercing properly, which generally results in an infection. The general healing time for a nose piercing is 6-12 weeks. During this time, it is vital to keep the site scrupulously clean. Upon the immediate aftercare of your piercing, you should not sleep on the side that you have been pierced on. Always, always, always wash your hands before touching your piercing. You must also clean your piercing three times a day. This can be done by using a fresh cotton ball soaked with sterile saline solution, then slightly rotate your jewelry to make sure the saline gets into the hole as well. Last but not least, avoid touching and/or playing with your new piercing as this can cause the cartilage to get damaged, resulting in an unattractive lump, granuloma, to form. Once you get one of these, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of.

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