Meg R.


I’m here to share my piercing experience. I love piercings as much as the next guy. I just always have terrible luck in the healing process. I recently got my nose pierced. Let me tell you, they are more pretty than they are fun. Haha. It has had the worst time healing! I have two kids, each have yanked it out at least once. I had a corkscrew stud. HATED it, so I decided to change it. That was awful. I couldn’t get it out. When I finally did, it bled. A lot. So I put a hoop in that I had specifically for my nose. Being distracted by my son, I grabbed the wrong ring and accidentally put that one in. Wondered why it hurt so bad and I had to force it through, it was the wrong gauge! Holy cow was I in pain. The next day I changed it to the hoop I planned for it. Now it’s healing back up perfectly!! But I want to say I love this company, my husband recently got some Coral filled gauges and they are bomb! Thank you for letting me share! I look forward to purchasing more products from your company!!