Janiel S.
This wasn’t my first time piercing myself, but it was my first time using the kit from BodyJewelry.com.

My experience was actually kinda funny, when I look back on it but anyway. I have both the nose piercing kit with the septum clamp, and the regular nose clamp including of course the needle, piercing spray, and a hoop nose ring. My first attempt in piercing my nose, I numbed my nose with ice for about 10 minutes, then I pierced it. The only problem was the hoop was giving me problems. I think I pierced it too far up, so I had a hard time putting the hoop in, and when I did it was very uncomfortable. So I decided to re-pierce my nose on the same side (left). Now, like I said, this wasn’t my first time self piercing so I’m pretty comfortable with it. So what happened next was just, idk, I think it may have been too hot or I didn’t eat enough, but when I began to re-pierce my nose through the same process numbing with ice for 10 minutes again, my eyes started water. This is pretty normal, but then I began to feel lightheaded as the needle went through, then I fainted. I had just started watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ when I fainted when I woke up a new show was on, so I was out for a good 45 minutes but I was OK. I got up, put the hoop in, adjusted it, and I loved it! I immediately began taking pictures and posting on Snapchat and Instagram.