David B.

About ten years ago I went to a piercing shop with the intention of getting a nipple piercing. Now, I’m a big guy 6’2″, 358 lbs, shaved head, goatee, tattoos. I’m quiet soft spoken kind of guy, though people still tend to avoid me thinking I am trouble. The shop was pretty busy that day so I went through the books and waited for my turn. My turn arrives and I go up and talk to the guy about what I want, style and gauge size. Decided to go with a 14 curved barbell. He asks if I want a privacy screen and I laugh and tell him no. I should also mention my sister was with me.
He assembles his equipment and I remove my shirt. As he starts marking out were he is going to pierce I notice, not only my sister but every woman in the shop has now lined up at the counter and is watching. He has the clamp on, the “target” marked and picks up the needle. I again take note of the rapt attention that is going on from the counter. He takes the needle and pushes it through, honestly I had heard horror story’s about how painful this was going to be, and I actually did not even feel the needle go through.
At the same time there was a loud collective gasp from the counter area and every woman lining the counter all suddenly covered their breasts, with the exception of one. My sister stood there stock still, and all the color drained out of her face. I unfortunately do not have any pictures of the piercing as I had to take it out several years ago due to being in the hospital for an extended period of time, but am planning on going to re-pierce my nipple soon.
My one concern about the piercing though was that it was set very deep, I thought it was a little strange but was told it was fine. I even contemplated getting a second piercing in front of the first as it was so deep, that never did happen though. Shortly after I got the piercing though i was running through the house, I should also mention the curved barbell had a tendency to slip to one side leaving the other side sticking out, well, just a little TOO far. Anyways as I ran by the kitchen cabinet, which ironically had nipple level handles, I managed to catch the barbell on the handle and was going fast enough that I actually swung around and slammed into the side of the cabinet. Well, it was my turn to clutch my chest because that hurt like hell.
I turned around expecting to see my nipple hanging off the cabinet door, fortunately that was not the case, I checked and surprisingly everything was o.k., albeit a lot sore, so in retrospect I guess it was a good thing it was set as deep as it was.