Britney D., Stockton, CA

161102GR - Nipple Shields

Up until most recently, I had been debating whether or not to get my nipples pierced for a good amount of time. I considered the level of pain that would come with the piercing, the amount of healing time that it would require and if my body would reject the piercing altogether.

The most exciting part of getting a new piercing is the endorphins racing through your body. Endorphins give you the strength of the “fight or flight” response. In another sense, they are able to help minimize your pain and discomfort levels.

Getting my nipples pierced was actually much less painful than I was expecting. I could have even considered it as a breeze. I had the intentions of only getting one pierced at a time, but since the first one went so well, I decided to go ahead and do the other one too.

Following my new addition, it was time to begin the healing process. For some, the healing process can be slow. Each person’s healing process is different. For those with smaller breasts, they may actually have fewer problems, rather than those with larger breasts. This is due to the nipples getting caught in clothing through natural movement.

For myself in particular, during my healing process, an ice pack did me wonders. Another form of relief is sea salt soaks. This will provide comfort to your sore nipple piercing. Rest each nipple in a small cup of salt water and soak for about 5 minutes, following a thorough rinse.

Most importantly, the less aggravation your piercing undergoes, the faster your healing time will be. The average healing time is about 6-8 weeks. For those with particularly small children, keep in mind that when they are using you as a jungle gym and they should happen to accidentally grab your nipple, this can set the piercing back a significant amount of time.