By Tommy B. from Rocky Point, NY

On new years eve of December 2012 i was having allot of fun with my friends and i decided hey i jut git my order of needles why don’t we pierce my snake bites, so we did it and the first time we pierced them crooked , it dint hurt at all so ten i redid the other side and now their nice and even just a little swollen but whatever its gonna look nice once it heels an i get new earrings. So far they are doing very well, I have been cleaning them with many things and mouth washing every day, i cant wait for the new jewelry its like time is going so slow! i also re-pierced my conch i ha vent really payed attention to it and today I RELIED IT WAS INFECTED SO I CLEANED IT AND ITS DOING much much better! i think by next week it will be back to normal and i will be able to change it. i pierce my things with 16 gauge hollow sterilized needles and i always use the clamps or i use the tube, I’m thinking about getting my 2nd rook done on the same ear and have too rooks on one ear, that would look sick! and also Snake Bites, in my opinion, are named incorrectly because if anything, they’re supposed to look like snake fangs, not bites.

But what do I know? I’m not even sure where the term came from or how it recently became accepted terminology for a piercing that’s basically been around for years. But in the last 2-3 years, I’ve seen a gradual spike in the occurrence of this particular piercing style and now both the name and the piercings are a hot item.Snake Bites are really just lip piercings, but specifically it is two lower lip piercings evenly separated on each side of the lip’s center. Typically, they’re fitted with two Cb Rs which encircle the lower lip, but they can also be fitted with labret studs if you prefer. You have to decide how you want to wear your Snake Bites from the initial piercing, though – it doesn’t work to change back and forth from a ring to a labret stud, because the holes aren’t pierced the same and the jewelry won’t set right if you try to switch. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it could cause a lot of irritation and healing problems.One thing to consider about getting Snake Bites is that you’re getting two piercings at once. That tends to be a little more painful and more stressful on your body than just getting a single piercing. You also want to find a pierce who’s really careful about lining them up properly, too, because if one is a little bit off center or higher/lower than the other one, it’s going to look bad. Your pierce will probably make dots on your skin and ask you to look in the mirror and approve the placement – don’t just look and say, “Cool!” You need to really look at them and make sure you are good with the placement before it’s too late to turn back.