By: Marcia From: Oakland CA

I recently turned 30 this past August and for my birthday a few of my friends went out to Vegas to celebrate. We had so much fun between gambling, partying and eating we were exhausted our last night staying in Vegas. On our last night there we decided to go out and get dinner and drink. One of my friends wanted to get a tattoo on her left shoulder. She kept saying hey its Vegas we cant leave here without getting something pierced or tattooed.I figured hey shes right so I went for the piercing. After eating dinner we found a tattoo shop on the strip and decided to go for it. It was my birthday and I had always wanted my nipples pierced but I was waaaaaay to scared to ever actually get it done. Through excitement and adrenaline, I decided to do it. I couldn’t pass up the deal because I only paid for one nipple piercing because it was my birthday piercings were half off! I sat down the piercer gave me a bottle of water and told me to relax as he prepped the jewelry and needles for the piercing I couldn’t really calm down I mean I was about to get my nipples pierced for goodness sakes. He had me lay down after he marked my nipples, he told me to take a deep breath in and breathe out and that had to be the worse pain I’ve ever felt, it felt like someone was biting my nipple and would not let go LOL. After suffering through the second nipple I was done, I would not get the piercing again if they ever closed lol it was way too painful. My nipple rings mean a lot to me they are a memorable piercing. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!