By: Amanda L. From: Cleveland, OH




I have been into piercings and tattoos since I turned 18 and was able to get them without my parents permission. While I was in college I got my first tattoo and piercings in my freshman year. I got my industrial done first, then I got a belly ring, and in my junior year of college I got my tongue pierced. My tongue piercing had to be the most difficult to deal with as far as after care my tongue got extremely swollen and I couldn’t eat solid foods for about 4 days and trying to talk with that tongue ring was an adventure. It took me a few months to get use to it and it is now one of my favorite piercings. I recently moved to Atlanta, GA about 3 months ago and one night out a few friends and I decided to go to the tattoo shop my friend wanted to get a tattoo on her foot and of course I agreed to go with. So we finally get to the tattoo shop and as the artist is setting up for her tattoo I was feeling like I needed to add something to my collection whether it be another tattoo or piercing. I had been thinking about getting my lip pierced for some time and I decided to get my lip pierced. The piercer at the shop was awesome he ended up convincing me to get double spider bites on each side of my lip. I agreed, though the piercing was pretty painful there is no beauty without pain. I love my spider bite piercings. My Tragus is next!