Shannon From: New Jersey


I was born a Christmas baby my birthday is Christmas eve and my mom promised me that when I turned 18 I could get my belly pierced. After dinner with family and friends my dad took me to the tattoo shop. I was excited up until I walked into the shop and then it happened… my nerves started to get the best of me I couldnt stop thinking about how much it may hurt.. how long its going to take to heal and everything in between. I’m 18 so I filled out the piercing paperwork and sat down next to my dad. Before I could get comfortable the piercer called me back. My dad came back with me, the piercer allowed me to pick my ring as well. After I picked the jewelry I sat on a big table while he opened the needle and situated things for the piercing. Before I knew it I was being pierced and I let out a lil shout as I squeezed the life out of my dads hand LOL. But it went well. I am slowly becoming obsessed with my new piercing!