By Stephanie from Cleveland Heights, OH

To say that I am and have always been the black sheep in my family would be an understatement. I come from a very strict, educated, African-American family and my parents had high expectations for their three daughters. I never could quite play by the rules and I always seemed to march to my own drum. I was always attracted to white guys with long hair and piercings, nothing turned me on more. Well I eventually married and had three daughters. I got their names tattooed on my arm. That was the start of it all for me. I got several more tattoos before i got the nerve to get any piercings and the first piercing I got was my eyebrow. By this time I had five daughters and I was 40 years old. Then I got my labret done. My mother would always tell me what a bad influence I was for me girls. I told her that I took good care of them, wasn’t a drug addict or criminal, so who was I hurting? I now have 22 tats and plan on getting more piercings for my birthday. I will be 50 in February!