Jaclyn W.


I got my septum and navel pierced on the same day, a while after I turned 18. The piercing shop had a special, two piercings for $20. It was a spur of the moment kind of deal, and I always had wanted a septum. I had wanted a septum ring when I was really young, but my mom and I compromised on a nostril piercing. Now that I was 18, I could finally get it because my parents would have never allowed it. To this day, they always comment about how ugly it is. Sometimes to avoid criticism, I put a retainer in. It really isn’t fair though, because my older sister has a monroe piercing. They never have had anything negative to say about that. I don’t understand how a septum ring is “worse”. But I like it, and that’s all that matters really. Anyways, I got the septum pierced first. It was practically painless. So, I expected the navel piercing to be the same. The only problem was that when she tried to get the needle through the skin, it got stuck. The only solution was to try to put the needle through again. I was gritting my teeth the whole time. Practically crying. Blood was coming out. I have to say that it was surprisingly much more painful than getting a needle through your septum. Regardless, piercings are still cool. And pain is beauty I guess. When I wear a bikini, I feel as glamorous as early 2000’s Britney Spears. The septum makes me feel cool because Lady Gaga got a septum ring shorty after I had gotten mine. These are silly reasons I suppose, but not everything has to be serious all the time and have a complex meaning for being there. Sometimes, it is ok to do something just because it will make you feel good about yourself, or because it is fun. But I have to say, I have a massive appreciation for piercings because they have challenged the conventional standards for beauty. Piercings and tattoos don’t subtract beauty and elegance. Rather, they add to it in a different way.