By:Tasha From: Wisconsin



I’ve been waiting for quite sometime now to get a new piercing. I have wanted to get a new piercing for a while now but I couldn’t decide what to pierce. I work at a law firm and we really aren’t able to have piercings and tattoos that are extremely noticeable so I had to do something discrete. I decided to get a small nose stud. So this past weekend my husband and I went out with a few friends for some drinks and while we were downtown I noticed that there was a tattoo shop so I went in and spoke with the piercer to see if it was even possible to get a super small nose ring. When he told me it was possible I quickly filled out all of the paper work to get pierced and the process began. I sat down on the table he has set up in his piercing room, he cleaned and marked my nose for the piercing. I was holding my husbands and had my eyes closed the entire time so I had no idea when the needle was coming into my nose. When he started to pierce me my eyes began to water like crazy I couldn’t help it, he said its a common reaction from nose piercings it was the craziest thing ever. Finally after getting the nose ring into my nose I could barely see it, its absolutely gorgeous. I have recently changed it to a small nose screw with a gem on it. The best part about my piercing is that my boss hasn’t noticed it which is GREAT!