By Christina From: New York


I am not really one for piercings or tattoos but I fell in love with the septum piercing when I first saw it on a girl in the mall about two years ago. I didnt really get into piercings and tattoos because its seems like everyone has the same type of piercings and I really wanted to be different. I thought about a regular nose piercing but I never had an urge to really go and do it, one because I’m not one for pain and two it seems like everyone has one ya know. So when I saw the septum ring I fell in love, I told me best friend that I had to get that piercings, she thought I was crazy but of course she came with me to do it. I chose a random shop because I don’t have any piercings, I didn’t know where to go. When I got to the shop the piercer was super nice she actually had her septum pierced to and she explained everything to me which made me feel a lot more better about getting a needle through my nose. After I filled out the paperwork I sat down on the piercing table and we were all in the room chatting which really helped with my nervousness. She put the clamps on my nose and bam the piercing was over, it hurt… YES and my nose even ran a lil bit but all together it wasnt bad at all. I love my septum ring!