By: Mercedes From: Ohio




When I originally went to get my piercing I wanted a industrial piercing, but when I got to the piercing studio the piercer told me that my ear was to small and the way that it is shaped he wouldn’t advise me to get it. So I was back to square one, I was just dying for a new piercing so I decided to get my tragus pierced. This was just a spur of the moment kind of thing, I really had my heart set on the industrial but oh well it didnt work out for a reason. I have hear horror stories about those piercings. I didn’t go with anyone to get my piercing in fact I did it as soon as I got off of work on a Thursday night.  I filled out all of the necessary paper work and sat in the piercers room. He marked my ear for placement of the jewelry and he set up for the piercings. He began the piercing with clamps and told me to take a deep breath and when I did I could hear the needle ripping through my ear it hurt sooooo bad. Just when I thought I was done he told me that the needle was only half way through! WHHHHHHAAAT I had to take another deep breath and breathe out and it was finally done… well getting the needle through. My ears are pretty small and maneuvering was pretty difficult. He slipped the earring in right behind the needle, getting the end bead on was a pretty hectic task but about after 5 minutes of dealing with it he got it on there. Since my tragus piercing I went back for my snug and helix, I love all of my body piercings.