By: Lachele W., Charlotte, NC



   So about two years ago I came across someone who had every ear piercing you could imagine, a few of which I was unfamiliar. I soon approached this person to ask them about their story and how they were led to getting such a cool new ring :-). After hearing the explanation and the story behind it all I decided to go home and do some research, and it turns out I liked what I saw. It was then that I decided it was time for a new piercing but I was stuck between two that were considerable favorites. It then turned out that the two would actually look pretty awesome together.

I went to work for about three weeks straight with nothing but the tragus and the rook on my mind. Finally the day came where I got the day off and I was sitting at the house fresh off of a paycheck with the keys to the car. Once that reality set in for me I jumped to my feet and made my way to my most professional piercing shop. After filling out my paperwork I asked my piercer about a few other piercings. I think he misunderstood me because almost walked out with a double forward helix lol. Love my new piercings and as bad as they hurt I would do it all again 🙂