Lynzey O.

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When I was around 12-13 years old I begged my dad for a tongue piercing because it looked so cool and at one point in my dad’s life he had one. I’ve always liked the look of a tongue piercing and thought it was so cool that I could buy different balls to go onto my piercing. Around November 2014 I was searching up the good, bad and ugly of a tongue piercing. First I was looking up people who got the tongue piercing and posted it on YouTube, so I would know what to expect. Then I went I started looking up of “infections” and “a bad tongue piercing” and that kind of discouraged me. Then I had my family doubting me and telling me “There’s only one reason why girls get that piercing” and I stood up for myself and said screw it I didn’t care what they thought. I was doing it in honor of my dad. He passed away and getting this piercing makes me think of all the good times I had with him. So finally on December 3rd (which also happened to be my brothers birthday) I went to my local tattoo & body piercing shop and I handed over my ID and signed papers stating that they are not responsible if my tongue gets infected and that all of their tools are sterilized. As I was walking up to the chair, my hands started shaking so bad and I was smiling nervously and sat there like a stone. The nice woman and man came over and told me what to expect and to relax, before I knew it they numbed my tongue and shoved a needle through. Honestly, it was definitely not as bad as the YouTube videos made it seem or the pictures on Google. So after that I went home and stayed home for 2 days and my tongue was so swollen I couldn’t eat anything but I was brave enough to try to eat pizza. At times the pain was bad, especially at night but then after a week I noticed I could eat way more and it wasn’t as swollen. Taking care of your piercing is very important and I stuck to it, I had work the 3rd day of my piercing and it was painful but I got through it. How I took care of my piercing was a daily routine of (non-iodized) sea salt soaks 3-4 times a day and mouth wash after brushing my teeth and after every meal. I’ve had my tongue piercing for a little over 2 months now and it’s amazing. I still clean it every day along with my teeth and it doesn’t hurt at all and it’s fully heal and if I got more piercing I think this would always be my favorite piercing.