Gina S.


I got my tongue pierced on my 18th birthday, along with my 1st tattoo in the same day, so I was extremely uncomfortable that first following week! The actual procedure of the piercing was so quick and simple. It costed me $50 at my local piercing shop and of course that included the jewelry itself and the first change. She clamped my tongue and honestly the worst part about it was keeping my tongue sticking out that long and I had drooled all over myself by the time she had put my piercing in. It felt so weird having something in my mouth at all times and it was even weirder trying to eat with it. She told me I could eat whatever I wanted just be careful, and online a lot of people suggested to stay away from spicy foods. But of course I come home to spicy Chinese food which is my weakness. My parents got me Chinese for my birthday and I wasn’t going to pass it up. So I tried it and had to chew super slow because my tongue ring kept smacking off my teeth, you never realize how reckless your tongue is while you’re eating until you first try to eat with a tongue ring. But it was a success, and the piercing healed super quickly and I still have it and love it! I did end up switching to acrylic and bioplast jewelry because I chipped my tooth a bit on a metal one. The acrylics usually hold up for awhile before they crack or wear down but I haven’t had any other problems with it! I love how easy it is to change and easy it is to clean. All I really do to clean it it brush the balls when I brush my teeth and use mouthwash that isn’t alcohol free. I change the jewelry pretty often too. Also, yes, it does make kissing a bit more interesting for those of you that were wondering! Eating did get normal and I no longer hit it off my teeth. I also forget I even have it pierced half the time because I’m so used to it now.