Liana R.


When I was younger my sister got a nose piercing, which is one reason I wanted to get the piercing that I currently have. Right now the only piercing that I have is a Monroe piercing, which looks pretty epic. Because of my age and the fact that my mother is queasy when it comes to body modification, it took a couple of years for me to break her down into agreeing to get me the piercing. By the time I finally got acknowledgement from my mom, we went to the piercing place that did my sister’s nose. When we got there they said they could pierce my lip area but they would need a birth certificate and ID, however being the home-schooler I was at the time I have no school ID. It really sucked knowing that the only reason I was not allowed to get my piercing was that I have absolutely no photo ID. During the summer before I started public school my mom suggested that we go to the DMV so I could get a non driver permit and therefore have photo ID. By the time I managed to get my mom to agree to a date to wait in line some bad stuff happened with my family so it got held off even longer. After the stuff with my family was sort of settled, I started high school and I was full of anxiety which got worse as they messed up my schedule so I was unable to go to any of my classes before and a little after lunch, during lunch I was like a lost dog,wandering around trying to find someone to sit with. I found someone who was also a freshman with similar interests to my own. My schedule got fixed and I made a few friends. After a couple of weeks we had to take school pictures. About a week after the pictures were taken we received our school IDs. When I got mine, although I looked horrible, I was really happy because I could finally get my piercing. When I got home that day I told my mom that I finally have ID so I would like to get my piercing. My mom then took me to the piercing place the next Friday and I got my piercing. While I was getting my piercing my sister and her friend were looking around the store as my mom was on the verge of passing out. I chose my piercing, a light blueish-green gem that I still wear to this day, I laid down on the table and the piercer asked whether the spot he chose was a good place for the piercing, then he put some orange stuff on my face. While the piercer was preparing, my mom was telling me how it did not make any sense that I was afraid of getting shots at the doctor but was looking forward to getting a piercing through my face. After my mom said this the piercer told me how the needle used for piercing was larger that a doctor’s needle, this of course made me very nervous but I still wanted it. After I got the piercing I was on the verge of passing out as it just clicked that I just had a needle through my face. I was really happy the next morning and then I texted a picture to a few of my friends. They all said it looked cool. A few of my teachers even said it looked nice. Right now I just ordered some new piercings off line so I’m really happy and I have taken up body stitching which is pretty badass if you don’t know what it is.