By: Cara From: Florida


My piercing story is quite interesting. I decided to get my snake bite piercings done one Halloween, in fact it was my first Halloween in college. There were a crazy amount of parties that were going on and everyone was dressing up and going costume crazy. My friends and I decided to be either zombies of vampires. I decided to be a vampire. I had always wanted to get a piercing I didnt really know what I was torn between snake bites and a tongue piercing. Being that it was around the time of Halloween and it was a Friday night before we strolled out the parties down town, we took a detour to the tattoo shop. At our shop they always have specials and they had 2 for $30 piercings. I couldnt pass that up so I filled out all the paper work to get pierced and my friends were almost in disbelief LOL they couldnt believe I was going to pierce my lip and go party! I had each of my friends hold my hands and it was the funniest thing we were all dressed in our costumes 2 zombies and a vampire HAHA! it was classic. The piercing itself was pretty painful and the swelling wasnt to fun either. After we left the tattoo shop we headed down town, and my lip began to throb. Most of the night I was holding ice on my new piercings to help the swelling go down, I wouldnt advise anyone to get a set of lip rings and go party, LOL its possible just not as fun! Lets just say I will be ready for the next costume party! Since my daring snake bites piercing I also went and got my nose pierced, I love piercings and I plan to get a few more.