By: Stacy From: Philadelphia




I have always been a fan of tattoos and piercings. When I was in high school my parents were extremely strict and the only piercings I was allowed to have was in my ear. By the time I was in the 10th grade most of my friends had body piercings, one of my friends even had a tattoo on her lower back. I personally wanted my tongue pierced, but I didnt know how I would be able to hide it from my parent. My school had a field trip for one of the school clubs, it was a 3 day trip to Disney, so I figured if I went and got my tongue pierced right before by the time I got back the swelling should be gone for the most part. So the night before our trip to the magic kingdom, my friends and I went down to the piercing studio with my older sister of course so I could actually get the piercing. The piercer examined my tongue to make sure there were no major veins in the way she marked me and pierced me the actually piercing was pretty painful the pressure is what makes it bad. I purchased a retainer when I was at the shop in hopes to later change it after the swelling went down so that my mom or dad wouldnt notice the ring. I went on my trip which was horrible I couldnt eat anything it was extremely uncomfortable and the worse part is I was not able to change the ring before I got back. The second night I was home my mom I yawned at the dinner table and BOTH of my parents noticed my tongue ring, if it werent for my older sister telling them it wasnt that serious and its just a piercing I would have had to take it out. I’ve had my tongue ring for 4 years now and its still my favorite.