By: Tori From: Houston, TX


This by far has to be the most painful piercing that I got. I have a few piercings and tattoos my nose piercing was the most painful by far, I also have my helix and tragus pierced. My helix and tragus were are breeze it didnt hurt much. I decided to get my rook done about a month ago, I was bored and needed a fix a piercing or tattoo would do. Of course I opted for the piercing because its less painful on my body and pockets LOL. One Saturday my best friend and I waited for the tattoo shop to open and as soon as it was 1 pm we headed there. When I got to the shop I told the piercer that I wanted my rook pierced, she had to look at my ear to make sure that the piercing was possible, I guess because every ear is shaped differently if you dont have enough to pierce it can reject. I filled out the release paper work and began to mentally prepare myself for the piercing pain. My best friend was there so that I can crush her hand if the pain was too bad LOL. My piercer was very thorough she explained everything to me the process she was going to do piercing it and she was very clear with the aftercare instructions. She marked my ear and had me look in a mirror to make sure I liked the placement, she used the clamps which were extremely cold, she then proceeded to pierce me the worst part about the piercing was the pop noise that I heard once the needle exited at the bottom. She then slipped the curved barbell in my new piercing, cleaned me up and I was done. I really like it alot, I plan to get a few more piercings before the year is over.