By Michelle G. from Blue Island, IL



My piercing I have is an industrial. I was in 10th grade and it was my birthday present. Not many people had that piercing at the time so I thought it was cool. When I got it pierced it didn’t hurt at all until I got home. I was constantly cleaning it with the h2o sea salt. Many people complemented me on my cool ass piercing. The only down side I have about this piercing is that the bars are hard to fit in my small ear. The ones with the loops and stuff in the middle are ones I can’t even buy. It really sucks when you’re at the mall and can’t buy them because you don’t know if they will fit. Another down side is I have to take it out for work. I had this piercing for 2 years now so my holes don’t close even if I sleep with the bar out too. I am disappointed in the designs of these bars. I rarely buy them and almost decided on closing mine because there are no cute bars. Another hard part I face is those acrylic balls those bitches stick to the bar so hard and I have to use two paper towels to get them off. Did you know many are scared to look at it but it doesn’t hurt at all. I guess I love my piercing and I hope to check out your website and see what kind of bars you have. I just wish more websites had a size option to their length of the bars. Many of my friends and family were interested in getting it pierced. I also got my belly pierced recently. Personally mine healed very fast. I just ordered some belly rings and I am pleased with those because there are a lot of choices to pick from. I wanted to get my tragus pierced but because of work we can’t have piercing so it would close while I work so I’m sad about that. I also have my ears pierced. I don’t plan on getting anything else pierced.