Gaby D.

1459284919564-777871350I’d always wanted to get my second ear piercing but my mom wouldn’t let me. I keep on asking her but she would always say no. She really doesn’t like piercings at all, except for the standard lobe piercing. So finally when I turned 18 I said to myself “enough! I really want the piercing and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get it.” So I decided to pierce my ears myself. After everyone in my house was asleep I got a sewing needle a cleaned it and then I pierced my ears. Luckily I had long hair so I just always wore it down in front of my ears while I was around her. Every day I would clean my ears so I wouldn’t get an infection because if that happened then I would of had to tell her and I would of been in trouble. Luckily I didn’t have any problems at all. Eventually I forgot that I had my hair up and she walked into my room and saw the piercings and got upset. She said no more piercings but that didn’t stop me from getting any more piercings, and in 2013 I self pierced my 3rd hole and in 2014 lucky for one semester a piercing shop opened across the street from my college and I was able to get my right industrial and both my anti-tragus done. Each time she saw a new piercing on me she would get mad at me but I would just tell her that it’s who I am and I’m expressing myself and that it’s a form of art. Well fast forward to 2016 and I now have 16 ear piercings and 1 nose piercing and I don’t plan on stopping there. I plan to get more in the future.